Hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP, and file transfer protocol, known as FTP, are both methods that allow you to transfer files between two systems. Both protocols have overlapping functions, and with Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise, you can use either method to transfer files depending upon your specific needs.

Both FTP and HTTP have secure counterparts that run over TLS to secure the connection. We assume and recommend that administrators are using these secure versions (called FTPS and HTTPS) when we discuss FTP and HTTP below.

Available in Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise edition, the HTTPS web client capability allows any user with access to a common web browser to easily connect to the server to perform file operations using a desktop or mobile web browser.


Pros of Using HTTPS Versus FTPS:

Using the HTTPS Web Client eliminates some of the challenges of using FTPS, such as:

  • Requiring inexperienced users download, install and configure an FTP client
  • Having to configure your network for the different modes of FTP, which can be difficult
  • Allowing novice users to easily delete files

The web client provides an incredibly simple method to upload files to a server, with users requiring minimal knowledge about file transfers, and needing only a web browser installed to securely upload and download files.


Benefits of Using FTPS Versus HTTPS:

Using an FTPS client is a better idea in many situations as well:

  • The ability to transfer multiple files as well as directories very quickly
  • FTP is generally faster for transferring large files
  • Some FTP clients allow you to schedule and automate uploads/downloads

Ultimately, FTPS and HTTPS file transfers have different use cases, which we outline below.

FTPS Ideal Use Cases

FTP provides power users and automated systems the capability to quickly and efficiently transfer large amounts of data between systems.  FTP is frequently used for phone/data backups systems and large, automated batch file transfers.

HTTPS Ideal Use Cases

HTTPS web clients are powerful and convenient tools that provide an installation-free, intuitive, and secure way for end users to upload and download files to and from a server. As such, they are often preferred in scenarios where your user is a person as opposed to an automated process or account.

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