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by b3ck
Wed May 28, 2008 9:24 pm
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Topic: Client FTP send limit
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You can try, (not sure if it will work), but using the nt athentication, and set each user their own path, then in Windows, set disk quota's on them so they can have limits.. Should be an easy script to write disk quota management into the NT accounts. Let me know if it works,, as it will take me ov...
by b3ck
Wed May 28, 2008 9:21 pm
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Topic: Upload and Download speeds
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If you are using a residential cable provider, which often provides a 10mb line, your upload is usually much lower than 10mb, ie 1mb or less. In this situation, windows will reserver a certain amount of bandwidth, as will your router. You can change these settings by using google to look up the corr...
by b3ck
Wed May 28, 2008 9:05 pm
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Topic: Wow, this FTP server rocks!
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Yes, after trying 7 other ftp server softwares, this is the first one that actually worked with less then 10 mins of work, and that is including download time!
I havn't put it through the paces yet, but for now it looks like this will be my new ftp server for sure.