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    – “Hide Manager On Startup” …. maybe should be something more intuitive such as “Minimize window to tray on startup”

    – Extra notifications options in “Server Manager” such as connections, password failed, successful log in, successful download etc. User can configure which notifications they want to see.

    – Even extend the notifications to contain user-defined messages

    – Separate the sections on the toolbar in 3 items by 3 sections or by some other grouping combination.

    E.g. 5 sections (separated by a seperator)

    Screen Log

    Terminate connection / Block IP

    Server config / user config /IP config

    Start server / stop server


    – Ability to close the notification when it pops up

    – Make the progress bar 3D in appearance

    – User should be able to custom manage the color coding of log messages. Having said this, the blue color used everytime someone connects is very hard to distinguish from the normal black. I suggest changing this blue color to something more noticable

    – Under the view menu, an option to hide/show the Status/Interface pane on the right-side of the screen

    – Save window size and position on shutdown & exit, so when the program is restarted then the previous size/position is restored and not the default

    – Rephrase the status bar information for mouse over (hover) on Help -> Contents. “Calls the HTML help system’s Content help”. This isn’t very clear. Something like “Provides help on Cerberus FTP Server” in my opinion would be better and easier to understand

    – Change the default windows look of all command buttons and turn them into something more interesting

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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