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    the guide for setting the ad attribute says we can specify multiple values but doesn’t say what the delimiter should be. I use \serverftprootfolder1*VDIRName1*127 and it works. I try to add a second value and the ftp client errors out after connecting complaining about bad directories.

    \serverftprootfolder1*VDIRName1*127 \serverftprootfolder2*VDIRName2*127

    I’ve tried using a space to separate the multiple values as well as a comma, pipe symbol, asterix. Can’t seem to figure out what should separate the multiple values.



    With the AD User Attribute, you can’t have two paths listed. You will need to use a multivalued attribute.


    Figured it out. I had tried what you were suggesting before but it didn’t work. Found this was because I was specifying the wWWHomePage attribute. When you specify the address in the Web page: field on the general tab in AD, thats the attribute it uses. If you click the Other button to specify more however it uses the url attribute. Changing the ad attribute to “url” fixed it.

    Thanks for your help leading me to the correct solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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