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    Hi Guys, need some advice on this. At first I though it was just the buggy FTP code in Dreamweaver causing this, but I’ve witness it happen on other clients and a few I’ve tested myself.

    When uploading large files, the connection/user tends to hang, usually on a file greater than 4mb (some times smaller). Basically I have to kill the service (as CPU usgae hovers around 30-40%) to allow the user to log on again as the file is locked (terminating the user/conn in the manager does nothing).

    I’m about to move a lot of my clients to the server I have Cerberus on, if this problem is common and all of my clients are going to expereince this problem, is going to cause me a management headache to keep stopping and starting the service to allow my clients to log in again and continue their upload.

    Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions as to where I should look to fix it?

    Windows 2003 Server Std

    CerberusFTP latest non beta release.

    VisNetic Firewall iwth passv ports open 1024 > 5000

    Client apps: DOS FTP, Dreamweaver MX/MX 2005, Directory Opus.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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