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    Using version of Cerberus server

    I have configured FTPS to use PASV ports, now I want to use FTP to use PASV ports.

    So under Configure, Advanced I have defined a PASV range. I have under Interfaces have FTPS selected and this works using PASV.

    In order to get FTP to use these PASV ports do I just select “FTP” under Interfaces and it will use PASV if the client so requires otherwise it will revert back to standard FTP DATA to send data ?

    Is it as simple as this ?



    First, I recommend upgrading to the latest release.

    There is nothing you have to do on the server to get a client to use passive mode. That’s a client decision. Most modern clients will try passive mode first.

    You may have to adjust what IP address is given out for FTP vs FTPS connections. Generally, you have to give out the external IP address for passive responses with FTPS connections. For FTP, you may have to manually specify the local IP address.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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