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    I am able to connect to Cerberus ( using the web browser or using a CoreFTP client, but I can’t connect programatically using Below is my code (this is actually using the java ftpclient through Coldfusion) :

    ftpsClient = CreateObject(“java”,””).init();


    connected = ftpsClient.isConnected();

    login = ftpsClient.login(JavaCast(“string”,”username”),JavaCast(“string”,”password”));

    This is what I see in the log file:

    2011/12/13 13:47:54 [0] Client connected to Cerberus FTP Server on ‘machine’

    2011/12/13 13:48:41 [1] Incoming connection request on FTP interface 0 at

    2011/12/13 13:48:41 [1] FTP connection request accepted from

    2011/12/13 13:48:45 [1] USER svc.script

    2011/12/13 13:48:45 [1] 331 User svc.script, password please

    At this point the Coldfusion/Java client returns “Truncated server reply”. I also tried not using the login, and instead sending the user command and pass command separately like this:

    userCmd = ftpsClient.sendCommand(JavaCast(“string”,”USER” ),JavaCast(“string”,”username” ));

    But as soon as I send the “USER” command I see the above in the log file and the same reply, “Truncated server reply”.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks much.


    I just happen to have that package and a test program ready so I could duplicate this fairly easily. There appears to be a bug in the command processor that doesn’t like extra “r” codes in the welcome message. I’ve added some additional scrubbing to the welcome message to filter these out. If you grab and install the latest release from the website these issues should go away. I haven’t changed the version so it is still


    Yes! That did it. Thanks for the quick reply!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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