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    I use Version 2.22


    -Simple Directorys = false

    -several Directorys added to Root

    -One Directory with all Rights (I´ll name it “A” here), others without the Right of deleting Files/Folders

    What in my opinion is a Bug (should not be) is the Possibility of the User to delete the Root-Folder “A” (in/with which the User has the Right of deleting Files/Folders). It would be more reasonable that the User would only have these Rights INSIDE the particular Folder, not with the Folder itself. If the User deletes this Folder he cannot create it again and so has no possibility to Upload anything any more on the Server, if this was the only Folder where he had the Right of creating Files.

    Renaming the Folder is not possible (which is alright!).

    Beside this I really like Cerberus and I´m really looking forward to the Feature of following Links to other Directorys :-D

    best regards




    I agree! I will look into this bug and correct it if necessary.



    I’ve just installed new 2.23 BETA version and I’m encountering same problem regarding deletion of ROOT directory, but with small change – after the user deleted the root directory with DELETE permission, he/she can create it back with the same name as the deleted directory was.

    I think this is a very serious bug because if the user accidentally deletes such folder it will not able to upload anything.

    Btw, despite of this bug I must admit that this FTP server is very good job.

    But still I really look forward to seeing this bug/feature corrected within some next release 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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