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    I am trying to get this thing to work but its not budging.

    I have set the listen FTP port to 500 (opened in router)

    I have PASV opened and forwarded

    I also left port 21 open aswell eventhough i dont use it

    What happens is that the client can connect to the server but it doesnt give them a directory it returns “mlsd connection timed out” ON THE CLIENT SIDE

    however if I DMZ they can see the directory

    are there any other ports that i need to open other than 500 (FTP Listen), 11000-12000 (PASV), 21.

    I am using windows 7 x64 and Cerberus Pro

    Here is the last part of the log that shows on my side when the client gets the timeout


    [2010-08-30 21:18:10]:COMMAND [ 16] – MLSD
    [2010-08-30 21:19:42]: WARN [ 16] – Timeout while waiting for connection
    [2010-08-30 21:19:42]: ERROR [ 16] – Unable to accept passive connection
    [2010-08-30 21:19:42]:SUGGEST [ 16] – For help see
    [2010-08-30 21:19:42]: REPLY [ 16] – 425 Unable to open the data connection

    PS: I dont use SSL/TLS or any other secured FTP interface. I dont need them.

    Thank you in Advance for any help provided



    Does the Cerberus FTP Server PASV port range match the port range in the router? Do you have WAN IP auto-detection enabled?

    If you’ve followed the above and are still having problems, try this:

    Specifically, follow the Steps to Resolve section

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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