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    I have a router and a firewall and I can get to the log in for my ftp server but then after i log in I get an error saying a connection with the server could not be established…and im trying to access the server from the same computer using both firefox and IE……

    It keeps saying connection was closed by remote socket….Connection Terminated…

    any suggestions??




    Taken from Molk’s help on my post of the same problem:

    molk wrote:

    The log raises a lot of questions.

    What webbrowsers and/or ftp clients have been used?

    Isn’t passive ports correctly done IE will fail. It will always,if not changed,try to connect anonymous and in passive mode, and if not using anonymous it will fail. But when using ftp://username:password@ip:21 always work.Instead of ip a domain name can be used, and port number only necessary if not standard ftp port. Free domain names can be obtained e g If using dynamic ip users only have to know your domain name not your current ip.

    The possibility to integrate with windows authentication is normaly not necessary.

    Users that fails to login to many times might get their ip autoblocked if that function is activated. Check ban list.

    I wouldn’t use more then 1 NIC until you get everything working with one networkcard.

    Every interface needs to have their own rulesetting. That includes the routersettings where each card needs port 21 and passive portrange forwarded. Some routers also needs specification of service and ports even for outgoing traffic. Each interface needs their own settings in firewall and router.

    Make sure XP’s firewall is disabled so you definately only use (in this case) Zonealarm.

    Keep that if it is the Cerberus computer ip,and discard of the other interfase for now.

    Sometimes it is necessary to use the function “Use different IP for PASV command”,usually the wan address.(But with some routers the local ip.)

    When using the mentioned functon with wan address,in the box “add an interface” you should have your local cerberus NIC ip. Click ok.

    The only icon you should see now is default and local interface. If more delete for now.

    Cerberus automatically detect every active network card and ip. Only have the IP you use for Cerberus ticket in the interface window.

    Dont forget to check that the passive portrange (PASV) in advanced is the same in router and firewall, whatever range you choose.

    Errorcodes from log can be translated here” class=”bbcode_url”>

    Hopefully this gives you some hints in the right direction.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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