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    Right, you all know the drill; Complete n00b at ftp, part of a network, host computer is behind a firewall.

    The firewall is ZoneAlarm FREE, but I can not change this. ZoneAlarm Free does not give me the ability to open or close specific ports.

    Second, the network is COAX-based (It’s been here for about 8 years, it was the best solution for us back then… Oh, how I regret that decision now.) I am the only one running Windows XP Pro, all the other comps are running ME, and none of these PC’s can access mine, though I can access them. I do, however, get the shared internet connection.

    Internet is ADSL, coming in on the host computer and is shared via Windows ME ICS.

    The host computer IP is, all the others are DHCP.

    Now, here comes the problem:

    I started a Cerberus FTP-server on my XP-comp, using port 8021. Ip-adress is Now, I can access this server via my own PC by using AceFTP and connecting to However, I can not do this when I try it on another PC that is part of the same network.

    Moreover, I can not connect via ftp://X.X.X.X:8021/, where X.X.X.X is my external IP. I have tried port forwarding, but still it won’t connect. Can anyone help me with this?


    Don’t take it out the coax network, I use the same here in my house, and it works very well (if you can do with just 10mbs), I am sure that is not the problem.

    About ZoneAlarm (free), I would definitely recommend a port oriented firewall for a gateway computer. The free ZoneAlarm is great for a single personal computer, but not sufficient for a network in my own experience.

    I don’t know, why the ME’s can’t access the server and your XP, can they ping each other? If so, it sounds like a ME problem, perhaps a setup problem, but I have no experience with ME myself. Don’t spend time on connecting on the external ip from the inside, but get the internal networking to work first, start with simple ping.

    About the OK button, you will have to take that up with Bill. :-)


    Thanks for the help, I´m going to try to coax my mum into using another firewall. Don´t know if it will work, though. About ME, if that really is the problem, then I think I can forget about getting an FTP up and running for another year. My mum (Again) doesn´t want XP *yet* on her PC. So I´ll just have to wait, patiently. Or move out of the house, but since I´m still at school that might prove to be a problem :-)


    First, I would make sure you don’t have the built-in XP firewall running. This could definitely cause problems if configured incorrectly. Second, try disabling ZoneAlarm and testing the server. If you can connect after disabling either firewall you have at least isolated the problem to one of those two components.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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