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    Put here interface propositions.

    This server is small and fast. Let it be like it is.


    – good when it changes onConnect, but I’d like to change it more to see change better (not small green dot). Please, add a green corner or something to see better..

    – would be better to use 1 click to show/hide MainWindow


    – in window time is too long; some shotter like ’13:05.24′ or ’13:05.24 Wed’ would be better, I think..

    – instead of User ID usefully to see User IP-Address and then use for example ‘Connected’, ‘/virtual/file/name.txt’ instead of many unuseful text.. I want to see simly what’s hapened..

    – autosize of MessageColumn..


    – change position, please, to DesktopCenter; many people has some panels in bottom, left, right, or top of screen and then they lay under them..

    – save WindowState, Width and Height (or Maximized) onExit..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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