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    This is probably some stupid oversight on my part, but maybe someone can point me in the correct direction. I have a local network setup behind a Linksys router. I just setup an old machine to run Cerberus (on the same network).

    Now… any machine on my network using DHCP to acquire it’s IP can connect to Cerberus fine. On the other hand, any machine I assigned a static IP gets this error upon entering Passive Mode:

    Data Socket Error: Connection refused.

    List Error

    Note that I’m still connected to the server, and logged in, I just can’t do anything through the client I’m using (i.e. FlashFXP). And yes I am using my WAN address to connect, just as if I were outside my network. I’ve read over this document: http://www.mdjnet.dk/ftp.html but am still a little unsure of what I need to be doing.

    * Update: If I turn OFF passive mode on the client then all the machines can get in (but I’d still like to be able to use passive mode, and know the fix for this issue).


    Hmmm… seems people outside my network are having the similar troubles. Using standard ftp that comes with Windows they can log in, but as soon as they attempt any command, it hangs.


    Try selecting the ‘Use different IP for PASV’ command from the ‘interfaces’ option within server manager. Specify the external router address in the box that appears. The external address is the address your router retrieves from your ISP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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