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    Vista x64 Home Premium

    ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe/wifi

    Intel Core2Duo 3.16Ghz/8mb Cache E8500 Chipset

    2x2G of Corsair DDR3 (4gigs total)

    Cerberus v3.0.0 beta 12

    Upon starting Cerberus and checking task manager I see it using 250MB of memory, this is too much

    especially when I compare it to an XP machine with only 1G of memory, it uses about 11MB.

    Edit: At the moment I have not installed it as a service. Going to try that….nothing.


    Tested on Windows Vista x64 and found memory usage hovers between 6 – 9 MB, even after transferring over a thousand files. While it is certainly possible that there is a small memory leak somewhere (though we are not seeing any), it would be hard to miss a 250 MB allocation on startup. You might want to double check that you are reading task manager correctly on Vista.

    This post is in the wrong forum. Moving to the BETA forum.


    I’m reading it correct.

    Noticed something else about it too. Every time I goto “File”/”Restart Server” the ammount of memory used keeps adding onto itself

    First run – 261,640k

    restart – 518,408k

    restart again – 775,168k

    In comparison:

    CerberusGUI.exe*32 – 261,648k (yes it climbs somewhat but seems to stop at this amount)

    svchost.exe – 152,632k

    SearchIndexer.exe – 124,296k

    I’ll stop there, anyone know a free, minimal hassle, place to upload somes screenshots.

    or maybe even a way to help pinpoint this problem from my end.


    Ok. well a little bit of scrutiny I just noticed the *32 on the process. So I went back to the site, and saw a x64 bit d/l version. (how did I miss that)

    Yeah…problem fixed.

    Cerberus is now running at 5,520k

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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