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    My computer is behind a firewall.

    I like Cerberus FTP Sever and I would like him to listen on Port 21 for the local connections, but also for the connections from behind the firewall (f.e. Port 2000, which the firewall don’t block).

    Is it possible to configure Cerberus FTP Sever like this?

    If not, will it be possible in some future version?


    I love your server application it is easy to use and understand!

    Now…… it would be even better if we had a way to limit or adjust the

    amount of bandwidth that is alocated to each user.I am running Win Xp

    Pro and I know it can be done in this OS because I have used some other

    Ftp server apps (Which are a pain in the Ask :>P) to set up. All in all good job on simplicity of use keep up the good work.


    Bandwidth limiting is on the current list of TODOs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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