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    I’m on the hunt for a new FTP server and came across Cerberus, and I must say I’m extremely close to using it over WarFTP. I have some minor gripes though :)

    Tray Icon

    Show different states

    – Server offline

    – Server online, no connected users

    – Server online, connected users


    – Show number of connected users

    – (optional) Current upload and download transfer rates

    Detailed Logging

    Can an option be added to log user connects and disconnects? Right now I have to turn on the “Log Commands” option to see exactly who is logging in and out but the problem with this is that this shows every command a person uses, including NOOPs. I’m really only interested in seeing who’s logging in and which IPs are attempting to login (hack) me. But with some FTP clients using NOOP to keep a session alive I see screenfuls of NOOPs and after a while these force other log information off the screen. As a side note, can the User ID column in the log have the username in parenthesis or something after someone logs in; would make it easier to distinguish exactly who is doing what.

    Another logging option that would be nice is to show downloads and uploads. Again, this is something I’m interested in seeing, but the “Log Commands” log option is too broad for me: I’m not interested in seeing LIST, PWD, FEAT, etc commands.

    Related to the first two logging requests above, even though the Log Commands option is too broad for me when viewing the info on screen I wouldn’t mind seeing everything in my log that’s saved to a file. So I guess I’m asking for the ability to set what is shown in the text file and on screen.


    User Groups. Being able to clone users is sufficient for me but it would be neat to have groups so users could inherit settings.

    Block keep alive attempts. I’m not too hung up over this one but it would be nice to have :)

    I will say in closing that this is a good server and IMO very close to being great, keep up the good work :)


    Hey Humpty,

    You will see all of the Tray Icon suggestions in the next release. They are already complete and undergoing testing.

    The logging suggestions and group suggestions are also good and I will add them as I have time. You can probably expect to see some of them in the next release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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