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    Here are my suggestions/requests for Cerberus. They have already been requested before. In search for a free FTP server, I tried WarFTPD first, but found it to be painstakingly slow… Not good at LAN parties :)

    Anyway, I miss two very basic features:

    * ‘LIST’ permission. Every FTP server has this and is mainly used for upload directories. Now I can’t have an upload directory without all uploaded files plainly visible to all.

    * More flexible directory mounting. WarFTPD can mount any directory to any point in the FTP server space. Ie., I could mount D:DATAMusic to /pub/music. It is now to resrtrictive (/music).

    I hope these two features will see the light of day soon. Keep up the great work!


    Two other basic features sprung to mind after I posted:

    * ‘Allow passive connections’ option (to disable it, since I’m behind a router and don’t want to open up a galore of ports.)

    * Start the console minimized (tray icon only) during startup.

    Sorry to be a pain :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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