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    Rethinking the Setup Wizard and here are my thoughts:-

    When the program is first installed, Cerberus FTP Server should initiate the current 3 stage Setup Wizard, however, after installation …. Cerberus FTP Server should provide each of the 3 screens seperately (ie, without the next button involved or any dependancy.

    At present, to change the license type, I am forced to also complete the initial user and WAN config screens …. annoying. Not to mention that I have to constantly delete the “c:ftproot” folder which is the default set by the wizard. If I currently complete screen 1, move to screen 3 and click ‘Finish’, I will have the “anonymous” user created …. increased security risk if the user account is being created without any notice and/or without need for it.

    IDEA: Move the License Type screen to a menu item called “License Type” under the help menu. Also enable the currently selected License type to be displayed in the title bar or somewhere noticable. If I select “Personal Use” then I have no way of checking this setting at present.

    IDEA: Move the “User Creation” screen to the “configuration” menu and name it “User Creation Wizard”

    IDEA: Move the WAN detection to an option in “Server Manager”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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