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    I am having issue with either RSA or DSA keys negotiation. I created pub and priv key on CerberusFTP server using Puttygen and copied privite key to the client computer. Associated public key with user ID on CerberusFTP. Tried use Filezilla and Winscp (imported privite keyor used Pageant with private RSA or DSA key) and can not connect. I am getting the following error: (CerberusFTP still in evaluation mode):

    On the CerberusFTP side:

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Incoming connection request on SSH interface 178 at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] SSH FTP connection request accepted from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Client Identification: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Local:_Jun_10_2013_20:52:54

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Algorithm negotiation complete: Proceeding with key exchange

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Kex: ‘diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256’ Host Key: ‘ssh-rsa’ C2S : ‘aes256-cbc, hmac-sha1, none’ S2C : ‘aes256-cbc, hmac-sha1, none’

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Unable to generate DH key: error:0507306F:Diffie-Hellman routines:DH_generate_key:non fips method

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Unable to compute key for Kex reply

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] The client closed the connection

    2013/06/18 09:07:08 [246] Connection terminated

    On Filezilla client:

    Status: Connecting to xxxxx…

    Response: fzSftp started

    Command: keyfile “C:temp1use1dsaconv.ppk”

    Command: open “user1@xxxxx” 22

    Error: Server sent disconnect message

    Error: type 3 (key exchange failed):

    Error: Could not connect to server

    Client is on internal LAN for now. Only one interface – SFTP – is enabled.

    Thank you.


    It looks like you’ve enabled FIPS 140-2 mode. You will need to restart the underlying Cerberus FTP Server Windows Service after changing to FIPS mode.

    Reboot the PC, or restart the Cerberus Windows Service (the actual service). That should resolve the error.

    If you don’t have a specific requirement for FIPS, I recommend disabling that mode.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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