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    – Server Manager –> Interfaces –> PASV Options –> Auto Detect tooltip says “you” … it should be “your”

    – Server Manager –> Interfaces –> PASV Options –> Use different IP for PASV tooltip is hard to understand. The following makes some sense but hard to interpret … “lookup to resolve an IP address to use when”

    – Server Manager –> Interfaces … down the bottom it says “Add an” … is it supposed to be “Add an interface”?


    Thanks, I will note the changes for the next release.


    Installing version 2.31 I found some visual glitches about varius icons in the interface, mainly because badly clipped transparent background having some spare white pixels around icons. It’s nothing serious but looks quite ugly ;)

    Toolbar icons:


    Info icons: (having bad background)


    I think you might just move more near-white pixels in your Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro to get rid of this bad effect, or you might try using 32-bit icons for TrueColor displays.

    Anyway Cerberus FTP is best FTP service for Windows :>


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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