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    I have been trying to create an Integration scenario using SAP PI middle-ware. As part of this process to create a sender system, I downloaded Cereberus 64bit FTP server and configured it on the host and it is working fine . I’m assuming that MY WINDOWS 2008 SERVER SYSTEM is acting as a SFTP server and as a sender system. In one of the middle-ware configuration steps, I have to create a communication channel which requires Unique server fingerprint value/identifcation.

    Parameter Name: Server FingerPrint

    Description:Enter The Unique server Fingerprint

    Additional Information: The Sender/Receiver adapter verifies the server’s fingerprint with the value entered in this field.Each SFTP host has one unique key used to encrypt the connection. The key has a unique “fingerprint”. The fingerprint can be entered as a series of hexadecimal numbers separated by colons.Contact your SFTP server’s administrator to provide the fingerprint of the server.

    e.g. 56:45:40:67:e3:a1:72:4f:43:59:f7:23:3f:1c:d8:5f

    I’m looking for the value which can be similar to the above example. Where can I find this unique server fingerprint value?

    Appreciate of your help and input.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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