Import Public and Private Key

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Import Public and Private Key

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I have generated a PUBLIC and PRIVATE key using Putty KeyGen and attempted to IMPORT into Cerberus FTP Server in preparation to provide SFTP client means to connect.
Following the online help, I went to Configuaration, Server, Security and under Certificate (I assume this is the Public key) and Private Key. It then required a CA file of which I am not sure where I create this. Within the Putty KeyGen I only have option to create and save "public" and "private" key.

Would appreciate where and right steps as I have a WinSCP client that I want to import the private key into.


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Re: Import Public and Private Key

Post by Serin » Thu May 17, 2012 10:31 pm


For Cerberus, you only need the client's SSH public key generated by PuttyGen. Cerberus does not need the client's private key. That is used exclusively by the client.

The Security page of the Server Manager is just for configuring the server key. You don't need to worry about that. The server key is derived from the SSL certificate created during the Getting Started Wizard (or manually using the Create Cert button).

Look under the section Configuring a user for SSH Public Key Authentication in the online help at

Adding Users

for instructions on how to associate the client's public SSH key with a user account.

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