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stats database

Post by kmckenna » Tue Oct 06, 2015 11:16 am

Can anyone give me a breakdown of what each field is for in the stats database? below is what I have so far - I've marked the ones I'm wondering about in red.


Table: configuration
id - Unique table identifier
property -
value -

Table: file_hits
id - Unique table identifier
file_id - Identifier in the file table
session_id - Identifier in the session table
file_to - Destination filename for move/copy ??
type -
size - File size in bytes
time - Date/time of file_hit event
result -

Table: files
id - Unique table identifier (links to file_id in file_hits)
name - Filename
host - Server action performed on

Table: sessions
id - Unique table identifier (links to session_id in file_hits)
session -
host - Server action performed on
username - Login of user performing action
protocol -
ip_addr - IP Address of user performing action
time_started - Date/time action began
time_ended - Date/time action ended (if null - incomplete?)
cipher - connection encryption info

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