File Transfer Session Report

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File Transfer Session Report

Post by Steve.H » Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:11 am

Is there any way to change the length of the {{FILE_NAME}} used in the Session Report? It seems to currently be limited to 70 characters, while the database stores 2048.

W:/ftproot/WarrantRequests/PD_Hambu...ment of robin hood al - Copy.pdf
W:/ftproot/WarrantRequests/PD_Hambu...99 not lodged/1712345 - Copy.pdf

It'd make it easier for our users to verify they placed the files in the right folder if they could see the entire folder path when they get this email. I can gain some space for the file name back by shortening the drive path, but in our case, this still really won't be enough. When the users upload files, they first create a folder to upload to. This can easily be 30 - 80 characters long by itself. We had one that was 97 characters in the last week. In addition, the file names easily could be another 30 to 40 characters sometimes.

For our purposes, it'd be better even if it took the right most 70 characters instead of the first 35, then the last 32.

In light of the 5 times this has happened in the last week (where the person uploaded to their root instead of to the folder the created), I'm creating a rule for each agency so the uploader will get an email for each file they upload to the root, which is somewhat punitive, and taking these opportunities to offer some additional training.


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