Additional features you would like to see added, changed, or removed. This forum isn't just for the Cerberus FTP Server application. Feel free to post suggestions for anything related to Cerberus (the website, this forum, ect.)
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Post by ZORK » Wed May 11, 2005 6:55 pm

Put here interface propositions.
This server is small and fast. Let it be like it is.

- good when it changes onConnect, but I'd like to change it more to see change better (not small green dot). Please, add a green corner or something to see better..
- would be better to use 1 click to show/hide MainWindow

- in window time is too long; some shotter like '13:05.24' or '13:05.24 Wed' would be better, I think..
- instead of User ID usefully to see User IP-Address and then use for example 'Connected', '/virtual/file/name.txt' instead of many unuseful text.. I want to see simly what's hapened..
- autosize of MessageColumn..

- change position, please, to DesktopCenter; many people has some panels in bottom, left, right, or top of screen and then they lay under them..
- save WindowState, Width and Height (or Maximized) onExit..

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