Resume option !!!!!!

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Resume option !!!!!!

Post by peterpt » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:54 pm

sorry , am i stupid or cerberus ftp server beta 2 don`t have Resume option on user accounts !!!!!????
Let`s see ..... download , upload , rename , delete , create directory , display hidden !!!! .................. hummmmmmm , where`s resume option ?!?!?!?
Can someone pleaseeeeeee help me ?!?!?!?
I am an alien trying to work with the best ftp server proggie i ever see and i can find that option , and that option is important to me because i have friends all over the space and they send me a lot of stuff , ...but sometimes (due the distance beetween planets ) asteroids block the communications and they want to resume the files from where their where before asteroids forced to stop them , but unhappily they have to start all over again from the beggining :cry: .

Just kidding ;) , remember , an ftp program without resume support is not an ftp program , and this one is much better than gene6,serv-u and guildftp . belive it i try them all and the one that until now it`s not giving me any problems is this one .
Please , put that option in Beta 4 .

Complements from rudisialm

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Post by Tornado » Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:30 am

Resume has been available in Cerberus FTP Server for a long time now. See the page ... leaseNotes. Also check your help documentations for more information about resume being available.

Why the transfers are failing .... I'm not sure.

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Post by molk » Mon Jun 05, 2006 4:16 am

Do your users use a ftp client supporting resume? It only works if both server and client have support for resume.
IE do not support resume.
Try Filezilla ftp client it supports resume and is free.

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Post by peterpt » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:24 pm

if you see in my post i was speaking in ftp server not client .
Of corse I.E. does not resume files , the real problem is the server does not accept resuming in beta 2 witch is a priority rule in any ftp SERVER program , it`s the 1st time in my life since where the 1st 28.8Kbit modem released that i see an ftp server without that option !!!! now looks that beta 3 already have that option i will install it and a make a few tests .

P.S. One thing i am agaist is registration mode in programs when they are still in beta mode !!! , that option only can only be inserted in program when it have all bugs fixed .

Thanks for everything and keep the good work going ;)


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