Sticky bit permission

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Sticky bit permission

Post by mojostick » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:48 pm

Often times, when users collaborate on files on the server, it seems natural to set up a location/folder which multiple users may access and share their files in. This has a downside, though, as the other sharing users have write permissions as well, and thus able to change/delete content they do not own in this shared folder. A sticky bit permission as implemented in UNIX would be nice.

The above function would probably also avoid a lot of confusion, when eg. sftp is used to sync a shared space/folder between multiple pc's. Two persons simultanously or subsequently changing one file, and then syncing taking place in the background, leaves no persistent outcome and possible loss of work. Sticky bit would prohibit changes from other than the file owner for a given file in this shared "collaboration" folder.

As dropbox is becomming the defacto standard of WAN file management, it implements versioning & recovery options for files. Maybe not an easy task - and certainly achievable backend, but then the user/customer does not have any control of it... This is more of a thought than request.

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