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New Look Web Site & Version Infomation

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:12 am
by Arcam
You used to be able to view the latest information about the bug fixes etc when you released a new version without having to fill in a contact form, can that be reverted please or create a mailing list to notify users with support contracts that a new version is available as I like to see what has changed before I download and install.

I know if you use the "Help" and "Check for Update" you get a brief outline of what has changed but the only way I know currently that a new version is out is by running that option as even when the application has sent me an email to say there is a new version the console still reports it is up to date as the "Vulnerability Assessment" page does not update correctly. Mine is set to check daily but it shows a date that is 10 days out, guess that is a bug that needs reporting ... unless it is fixed in the latest release :)