My two suggestions

Additional features you would like to see added, changed, or removed. This forum isn't just for the Cerberus FTP Server application. Feel free to post suggestions for anything related to Cerberus (the website, this forum, ect.)
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My two suggestions

Post by Erwin » Mon Nov 22, 2004 10:47 am


Here are my suggestions/requests for Cerberus. They have already been requested before. In search for a free FTP server, I tried WarFTPD first, but found it to be painstakingly slow... Not good at LAN parties :)

Anyway, I miss two very basic features:

* 'LIST' permission. Every FTP server has this and is mainly used for upload directories. Now I can't have an upload directory without all uploaded files plainly visible to all.

* More flexible directory mounting. WarFTPD can mount any directory to any point in the FTP server space. Ie., I could mount D:\DATA\Music to /pub/music. It is now to resrtrictive (/music).

I hope these two features will see the light of day soon. Keep up the great work!


Two more...

Post by Erwin » Tue Nov 23, 2004 5:01 pm

Two other basic features sprung to mind after I posted:

* 'Allow passive connections' option (to disable it, since I'm behind a router and don't want to open up a galore of ports.)

* Start the console minimized (tray icon only) during startup.

Sorry to be a pain :)

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