Bug in User Manager, Folders, 2.4

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Bug in User Manager, Folders, 2.4

Post by mdj » Wed Sep 20, 2006 3:35 am

I was just fooling around in the user manager, selected a user having some folder in the root, then I clicked the folder name (leftmost column on the right side, while the root is selected on the left), and clicked it again to edit the name, but then I clicked beneath the name in the empty space, not editing the name after all, and then the dialog just went gray, saying "Cannot have 2 directories...", and I had to close and reopen the dialog again. Note, if you click away from editing the name by clicking in the upper half of the dialog, it will NOT happen, you have to click within the same sub-window or on a folder node in the left sub-window to reproduce it.
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