Cannot FTP larger files

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Cannot FTP larger files

Post by SeaHawk » Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:51 am

Tried to ftp a 3.55 GB file but failed every time

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Post by Serin » Tue Aug 31, 2004 12:10 am

Can you provide an error message? Is it possible your connection is timing out?

BTW, try the newest release version, 2.2.

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Filesize limit @ ftp server transmissions

Post by www_96KHz_tk » Fri Mar 04, 2005 6:02 pm

Hey Serin..First of all, thanks for a nice ftp-server with o so easy gui. (it's ok that it doesn't have group support, users are fine.)

I've Cerberus ftp server 4 a year now(version 2.22). I'm satisfied about the server...but...
Normally i download iso images by p2p network, and use cerberus to let clients login on local network, to get the files from p2p programs, that also run on cerberus machine.(so that i've one machine for p2p software)
But normally i transmit cd-iso's by cerberus , and afcourse cerberus works fine.
But nowadays i got a dvd-burner , so i score dvd-iso's (images about 4gig).

But Cerberus (and also other ftp servers like filezilla ftp server) won't give a datasize with the iso's from about 4Gigabyte.(one of 4.4 and one of 4.7 Gig).
In the ftp client that's logged in (ftpcommander) i see at filesize of dvd iso's size=none, and in the beginning once size=group. If i download the file , i get a 0MB file. So it seems that ftp servers can't handle big giga files.(i've hear about a ftp-server filesize limit of 2Gig).

So do you think that it's a bug, or is it the limit of ftp, this because other ftp servers also can't upload the +-4Gig files. And if so , do you know a win32 server application (or any other way) to get a file of 4 gig over a LAN network. (i don't have microsoft networks client , only tcp/ip, and i prefer not to have ms networks client, but if ms network support more then 4 gig then i've no chance and have to use ms networks client.)

I hope you got my point, i'd say try to download a file of more then 2gig from your cerberus ftp server and you'll see what i mean.
So it doesn't give a error message , server = working fine,but only on files smaller then 2gig? I've winXP sp2 ntfs filesystem & Norton Systemworks 2004 + Internetsecurity 2004, i've also hear that it could be Norton Antivirus, who'd a limit of 2Gig on ftp protocol. But i'll not disable my who'll try to get a bigger then 2gig file without antivirus/firewall to see if it's firewall/antivirus or really a ftp limit of 2Gig.

I hope that i'll find a ftp server again , for use with files bigger then 2a4 gig. I've found something with google:
"My guess is that the server may have been compiled without the relevant largefile compiler option being set."
Greetings from Holland/Amsterdamn =)

edit: this above 2 Gig filesize is a general ftp issue, so it's not only Cerberus, also all other ftp servers. There's a simple way to solve this issue.
Use a file-archive program (like WinRar), then you can cut the big above 2Gig image in pieces of 4 example 700MB, (lol or 1.44MB).
winrar has the option sfx installer, then you get one .exe and more .rar files. when you've transmit them by ftp-server, then you can easily make it a big image again, by clicking on the first .exe file (winrar output).

but i prefer a ftp server that can handle big above 2Gig files , this because winrar takes about 10hours for 5Gig image on 450MHz

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