ok I done that but now...???

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ok I done that but now...???

Post by matiefat » Sun Jul 24, 2005 10:02 am

I'm connected to a friends PC and he is uploading and downloading from my server. Now why is his download below the 50kb/s and while his upload is between 70-90kb/s??
My connection is 4096/1024Kbps and my friend's connection is 20Mbps/1024kbps.
And isn't it possible to perform more then 1 download plus 1 upload all at once?

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Post by Tornado » Sun Jul 24, 2005 4:19 pm

Use the search feature and type "speeds" and read some of the past posts on this topic. You can also try other keywords in an attempt to find different postings on the topic.

Multiple downloads/uploads should be possible as the client controls it through the use of mutiple connections. Perhaps you need different client software. I use FileZilla.