use share on another server

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use share on another server

Post by abidax » Fri Apr 21, 2006 8:44 am


Cerberes FTP server works just fine !
although i could connect to a share on another server .
(read FTP server and a file server on the same network).
I could access the ftp server from a remote machine ,
and i shaw the 2 maps : 1 local on the FTP server , And 1 on the file server.
All of the sudden , the ftp server reports : path error sending root directory. acces refused.
On the file server , i noticed that the ftp server was trying to acces the
file server anonymous.

What happened ?

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Post by linux.llama » Tue Jul 17, 2007 11:10 pm

I've thought about this, but the FTP doesn't have any mechanism to resend the credentials to the file server. Maybe if there were a way to re-request the sign on with AD users when changing from the FTP server to the file server. I use AD integrated users, and it still doesn't work. It's a fault of the FTP protocol, not Cerberus.