Error Opening Data Socket??

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Error Opening Data Socket??

Post by Epson40 » Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:02 pm


I was wondering if someone can help me with the Cerberus Server Software. I try connecting to my server with CUTE FTP 5.0 XP....and I log on to my server, but get the message "Error Opening Data Socket"

What should I do to fix it??




same issue here.

Post by bill » Thu Jul 08, 2004 6:36 pm

i'm running my server on port 6971, but i always get error opening data scoket when anyone trys to connect but myself. i'm running server on 6971 because my isp forbids the use of server apps, and blocks port 21. so i'm just backdooring the ftp to that port.

also i see this as well, somthing along the line of user aptempted to connect on somthing that is not a socket.

when i get home i'll post the exact verbage, i'm at work atm.

thanks later days.

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