v2.15 beta - PASV mode & non-standard FTP port?

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v2.15 beta - PASV mode & non-standard FTP port?

Post by bulletproof_funk » Thu Feb 26, 2004 8:08 pm

WAN side connections to my server (which is behind a NAT router) will not get a FTP directory listing unless my server runs under port 21, or I manually specify the dynamic WAN IP when using a non-standard FTP port. I have the virtual server settings done correctly (i.e. forward non-standard FTP ports to LAN IP addrs). My intention is to use a port other than 21 (say 1321).

I'm not sure if this is indeed a bug, done by design, or my router... any ideas? Thanks.

BTW the auto WAN IP detect is a very convenient feature.

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Post by Serin » Thu Mar 04, 2004 7:11 pm


First off, upgrade to the latest release version 2.15 of Cerberus FTP Server. This version corrects a major bug with the 'Use different IP for PASV command' feature. The 'Auto detect' label is a little deceptive. Selecting Auto detect simply uses the current interface as the address. You will need to specify the IP address of the WAN manually if you are on a local network. I am currently working on a version of Cerberus that will allow autodetecting of the WAN IP using a service such as DynamicDNS.