Directory timeout (clientside) w/ open ports (serverside)

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Directory timeout (clientside) w/ open ports (serverside)

Post by devoidlotus » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:51 pm

I am trying to get this thing to work but its not budging.
I have set the listen FTP port to 500 (opened in router)
I have PASV opened and forwarded
I also left port 21 open aswell eventhough i dont use it

What happens is that the client can connect to the server but it doesnt give them a directory it returns "mlsd connection timed out" ON THE CLIENT SIDE
however if I DMZ they can see the directory

are there any other ports that i need to open other than 500 (FTP Listen), 11000-12000 (PASV), 21.

I am using windows 7 x64 and Cerberus Pro

Here is the last part of the log that shows on my side when the client gets the timeout

Code: Select all

[2010-08-30 21:18:10]:COMMAND [    16] - MLSD 
[2010-08-30 21:19:42]: WARN [ 16] - Timeout while waiting for connection
[2010-08-30 21:19:42]: ERROR [ 16] - Unable to accept passive connection
[2010-08-30 21:19:42]:SUGGEST [ 16] - For help see
[2010-08-30 21:19:42]: REPLY [ 16] - 425 Unable to open the data connection
PS: I dont use SSL/TLS or any other secured FTP interface. I dont need them.

Thank you in Advance for any help provided

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Re: Directory timeout (clientside) w/ open ports (serverside

Post by Serin » Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:21 pm


Does the Cerberus FTP Server PASV port range match the port range in the router? Do you have WAN IP auto-detection enabled?

If you've followed the above and are still having problems, try this:

Specifically, follow the Steps to Resolve section

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