MDTM error if path contains space

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MDTM error if path contains space

Post by vladimir.kasal » Sun Nov 13, 2005 4:01 pm

Hi all,

I have file aaa - bbb.txt. After SIZE aaa - bbb.txt server returns correct size of file. After MDTM aaa - bbb.txt it returns 550 MDTM failed: Invalid path.

I found that for MDTM command it is looking for a file with name - bbb.txt which doesn't exist.

Is there any workaround at the moment?

Thanks a lot Vladimir

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I experienced same MDTM invalid path error

Post by cyberhead97 » Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:37 am

I have written a Perl scripts which connects to my Cerberus FTP Server and downloads files and at the same time sends MDTM command for each file. I recently found out that Cerberus FTP Server reports invalid path when i try to MDTM command on a file. The strange part was that a GET command on the same file works fine as you can see below:

Code: Select all

[SEND] RETR /data/users/bic/S900HR9L_TEST AF FORTYNDING.txt
[RECV] 150 Opening data connection
[RECV] 226 Transfer complete
[SEND] MDTM "/data/users/bic/S900HR9L_TEST AF FORTYNDING.txt"
[RECV] 550 MDTM failed: Invalid path
Then i tried same scenario with SlimFTPd, sending MDTM on a file with and without spaces and there it works just fine.

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