Do you know Cerberus has only had one pricing change in the past 8 years?  While our prices may have remained the same for quite some time, our team and product haven’t.  We’ve been making large investments in Cerberus FTP Server, our team, and our excellent customer support over the last several years.  In that time, we’ve added numerous new features and massively increased the size and skill of our support, development, and customer operations teams.  

Our team took a hard look at our pricing structure and editions and felt it was time for a change.  We’ve decided to retire our Personal edition product to better align with what the majority of our customers are asking for, and to adjust our new license prices to ensure that we are well-positioned to continue building and supporting a great product into the future.

Retiring the Personal edition makes sense for us because we just don’t sell many licenses for that edition, and the few we do sell are disproportionately upgraded to Professional or Enterprise later.  Less than 3% of our sales are from Personal editions licenses, and a significant percentage of those customers end up upgrading because they realize they really want the features in the Standard, Professional, or Enterprise editions.  We’ve decided to retire the Personal edition and focus on our other products to better align with what customers and our data are clearly telling us, and to reduce the confusion we routinely see about our lowest end edition.  

Having said that, we plan to continue supporting the Personal edition for several years to come, and we will allow customers to continue to renew their support.  When we do decide to stop supporting the Personal edition, we will make sure we communicate that plan clearly and well in advance.  We will also make sure we do right by our customers by allowing them to freely upgrade to the next higher edition.

Pricing increases and product retirements are never easy decisions, but our team put a lot of thought and research into these changes.  Ultimately, we felt the price and edition realignments were necessary for us to continue providing an outstanding product, and to grow our team so that we can continue to properly support our customers. We’ve also decided to leave the price of a renewal unchanged – only new license sales will see an increase.  Customers wishing to continue renewing support will be able to do so at the same price that they’ve been renewing at for years.

Thank you to each and everyone one of our loyal and valued customers. We’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.


Grant Averett

Founder and CEO

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