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Eliminate insecure email file transfer with Cerberus FTP Server’s public file share feature, available in our Enterprise Edition.

Secure File Transfer Trusted by Thousands of Companies

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Give your users a safe and secure way to share files

Cerberus Public Share Reporting

Public file sharing, also known as ad-hoc file transfer or person-to-person file transfer, allows your users to share any file or folder and through a unique, time-limited, public link.

The benefits of sending files via a public link as opposed to email include:

  • Secure file transfer is built in - you have visibility and control over the data moving into and out of your business.
  • Sending large files won’t burden email servers or exceed mailbox quotas.
  • Files are transferred with strong encryption and can be password protected.
  • No more wasted time figuring out how to send a file to someone.
  • Links can be set to automatically expire by the user or administrator

Create and Send Public Links

You have full control over public file sharing. Before a user can share a file or folder publicly, the administrator has to grant explicit sharing priviledges to that user’s virtual folder. Once granted permission, users can share files or entire folders.

Send a Public Upload Link

Easily send upload links to allow recipients to securely send your users files.

Secure Access

Optionally (or require) password protect a share link.

Create a Public Share Link
Public Share Options

Advanced Sharing Options

Specialized options like isolated, hidden upload shares allow issuing share links that can be posted to collect submissions from many uploaders without anyone being able to see what others have uploaded.

Advanced notification options ensure the sharer can be notified whenever a file has been uploaded or downloaded.

Control Access Permissions

Let your users determine what kind of access they want to allow for their public share links.

Get Notified of Changes

Users can choose to be notified whenever new activity occurs on a public share link.

Email a link to a Public File

In addition to public file sharing, users can also email a link to a public share directly from within the Cerberus FTP Server web client. Users just need to click the "Email" button on a file to open a  dialog for emailing the file.

Email a Public Share

Revoking Public File or Folder Access

Users and administrators can revoke access to open public links at anytime through the Cerberus FTP Server web client or administrative UI.

Revoke a Public Share Link
Public share email message

Easy Access for Recipients

When a user emails a public file link, the recipient will receive an email with your user’s message and a public, unique link to the file or folder.  Recipients will be directed to an intuitive web client powered by Cerberus FTP Server where they can download the shared files. Cerberus will log all access through the file’s public link.

Full Feature List

Here's how Cerberus FTP Server delivers better secure file transfer. 

Cerberus FTP Server HIPAA Compliance Icon

HIPAA Compliant

Provides all of the tools necessary to allow you to operate your own HIPAA compliant file transfer system.

FIPS 140-2 Cryptography

Uses an embedded FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module for all cryptographic operations.

Public File Sharing

Public or ad-hoc file transfer support allows a user to share unique, time-limited, public links to specific files or folders with any public user.

Auditing and Reporting

The Report Manager generates detailed reports of client activity based on user names, date ranges, and file access.

Active Directory and LDAP

Authenticate users against an Active Directory domain or LDAP database.

File Transfer Automation

The Event Manager allows you to configure email notification, perform file operation or batch file actions, and carry out server operations based off of server events or scheduled tasks.


Cerberus FTP Server is trusted by thousands of customers all over the world. Read what just a few of them have to say below.

Cerberus FTP Server Five Star CNET Reviews
Cerberus FTP Server 5 Star G2 Reviews

"Our users have found Cerberus to be straightforward.  We have handled many service tickets over the past three years, and Cerberus has had the least number of issues, by far."

James Fayson

IT Service Owner, PACE, OASIS, Duke Health Technology Solutions

"We’ve been using Cerberus for at least five years, and it’s been awesome. Everything’s been very simple and easy, and we haven’t come across any limitations. It always just seems to work."

Jake Cloward

Support Manager, Companion Corporation

"It’s not designed to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to be managed. I can hire someone new and they can be up to speed in minutes. Everyone on the team loves it."

Tim Klein

Systems Administrator, Netalytics/Methasoft

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