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We’ve released Cerberus FTP Server 8.0.11 to address two DoS vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-6367 and CVE-2017-6880. There is no potential for remote code execution in either vulnerability, but both exploits can result in Cerberus service termination.

If you are using an older release, please upgrade immediately.


Initial Setup


General Questions



Why does issuing the LIST command result in an error message?

I’m running Cerberus FTP Server as a service and it can’t access mapped network drives or UNC paths. Why? Common

I’ve correctly configured passive FTP but passive data connections still fail. What else could be wrong? Common

I cannot access the GUI when Cerberus FTP Server is running as a service.

TLS/SSL FTP sessions are not working through my firewall.

I cannot use a remote share as an NT home directory when authenticating a user against a domain.

Error message using an FTP client to download a large file from an FTP server.

How do I convert over old 2.X users to the newest version?

Why are directory and file names incorrect when I view them through my FTP client?

Why am I being prompted for a Remote Access password after installing Cerberus FTP Server?

Why do I get an error when I try to enumerate Active Directory (AD) users through the User Manager’s AD page, or why does AD authentication take so long?

Why is SSH2 SFTP so much slower than FTP and FTPS?

Why do I see “An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full.” error mesasges in the log file?

Not all of my server’s IP addresses are being detected. Can I manually specify an IP Address?

IE7 and IE8 browsers on Windows XP and 2003 get an error when they try to connect to the HTTPS web client.

Files Uploaded through the HTTP/S web client can only be modified by the user that uploaded the file.

Active Directory users cannot delete files or folders created by Cerberus native users.

Why can’t public file links shared by Active Directory users be downloaded? An “Access Denied” error appears in the log when an anonymous connection tries to download the publicly shared file link.

Why can’t Cerberus send email to external users when configured to use Exchange as an SMTP Server (How to anonymously Relay in Exchange Server)?

What happened to web administration when I upgraded to v9.0?

Corrections and Updates

We welcome bug reports, updates, reports about broken links, comments and outright disagreements. Please send your comments to our support system. Please make sure that you are referring to the most recent version of the FAQ (maintained at /faq/); someone else might have caught the problem before you.

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