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Which File Transfer Protocols Should You Support? 

If you’re planning to install a secure file server to allow your clients or employees to securely share files, but you’re not sure which protocols to support, you have a lot of options. This article will help you figure out the right protocols to support.

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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance on Your FTP/SFTP/FTPES Server

At Cerberus, we often receive questions related to HIPPA compliance and HIPAA-compliant file transfer. In this post, we address a number of those questions so you can feel comfortable when working with patient data. How Does HIPAA Govern Health Care Data Transfer? The...

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SCP or SFTP: Which is Better?

Both SCP and SFTP are used for transferring files, but one or the other protocol may be a better fit for your needs depending on your requirements for speed, security and functionality. This article compares SCP and SFTP to help you choose which secure file...

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