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Closing Admin Console no Longer Minimizes to Tray Icon

We are changing the way Cerberus FTP version 11.2.2 behaves when closing the Admin Console. The change is small, but may surprise long-time users. How it Used to Work Before 11.2.2, clicking the 'close' button or Alt-F4 to close Cerberus only hides the window from the...

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Complete Guide to SFTP – Part 1: Concepts

SFTP, formally known as the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol, is a (relatively) new secure file transfer protocol that continues to evolve into a more widespread data standard due to its ease of use, straightforward configuration, and robust file/directory manipulation...

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FTPS vs. SFTP: Understanding the Difference

What’s the difference between FTPS and SFTP? Both FTPS (formally known as FTP over TLS/SSL) and SFTP (technically named the SSH2 File Transfer Protocol) are considered secure file transfer protocols. In spite of their similar names, however, these protocols operate in...

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