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How to Ensure HIPAA Compliance on Your FTP/SFTP/FTPES Server

At Cerberus, we often receive questions related to HIPPA compliance and HIPAA-compliant file transfer. In this post, we address a number of those questions so you can feel comfortable when working with patient data. How Does HIPAA Govern Health Care Data Transfer? The...

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SCP or SFTP: Which is Better?

Both SCP and SFTP are used for transferring files, but one or the other protocol may be a better fit for your needs depending on your requirements for speed, security and functionality. This article compares SCP and SFTP to help you choose which secure file...

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FTP and FTPS Ports: An Overview

Depending on the type of secure file transfer protocol you intend to use, you may need to configure your server to accept traffic over different ports. Below, we provide an overview of the commonly used control and data ports for FTP and FTP over TLS/SSL (commonly...

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SFTP vs. FTP – How SFTP Works

You’ve probably heard about SFTP and FTP, but you may be wondering what the difference is between the two protocols and how SFTP works in general.   When transferring data from a computer to a server (think of the server as a data container) or vice-versa, there are...

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