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How To Migrate Cerberus FTP From One Server To Another

Occasionally you may find that you need to move your instance of Cerberus FTP Server from one server to another. While the process is straightforward, there are steps you should take to minimize the risk of issues. First, before doing anything else, you should update...

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How To Back Up Your FTP Server Configuration And Users

It’s no easy job managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure of an organization. System administrators regularly worry about many different aspects of their IT organization: downtime, server failures, upgrade issues and capacity problems, and more. Unfortunately,...

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How To Remain HIPAA Compliant With Cerberus FTP Server

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) addresses the minimum standards that health care organizations must implement to protect the security, privacy, and confidentiality of patient data that is transferred over the Internet. Section...

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Which File Transfer Protocols Should You Support? 

If you’re planning to install a secure file server to allow your clients or employees to securely share files, but you’re not sure which protocols to support, you have a lot of options. This article will help you figure out the right protocols to support.

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