Cerberus FTP Server 8.0 Online Help


Cerberus FTP Server provides a secure and reliable file transfer solution for the demanding IT professional or the casual file sharer. Supporting SFTP, FTP/S, and HTTP/S, Cerberus is able to authenticate against Active Directory and LDAP, run as a Windows service, has native x64 support, includes a robust set of integrity and security features and offers an easy-to-use manager for controlling user access to files and file operations.

Additional Resources

Check out our Cerberus FTP Server video tutorials on our YouTube page.

For additional help and troubleshooting information, take a look at the Cerberus FTP Server FAQ.

This online help is also available as a PDF document: Admin PDF Guide v8.0

We also have a help guide for the HTTPS web client available as a PDF document: PDF icon Web Client Users PDF Guide v8.0

Previous Guides

The help documentation for the previous versions of Cerberus are available as PDF documents: