Configuring General Settings

The general settings page contains options for connection timeout, network detection, login notifications, and auto-update settings.


General page


The general settings page contains options for connection timeout and hiding the main Cerberus window.

Use idle connection timeout Controls whether idle connections should be terminated after a period of inactivity. The Idle Connection Timeout (seconds) value controls how long a connection to the server can remain idle without being terminated.
Use HTTP/S web client idle session timeout (in seconds) Controls how long (in seconds) a web client session can remain idle before the session becomes invalid and the user has to login again.
Minimize window to tray on startup If selected, Cerberus FTP Server will start hidden when windows starts up. Only the tray icon will appear. You can restore the graphical interface by double-clicking on the Cerberus tray icon, or right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting “Show/Hide Server”


Controls general network settings.

Detect WAN IP at Startup If enabled, Cerberus will attempt to detect the external address that Internet computers see for connecting to the network this machine is located on. This is usually the external router address. Enabling this option is important for ensuring passive connections work correctly.
Add to Windows Firewall Exception List If selected, Cerberus FTP Server will attempt to add itself to the Windows Firewall Exception list. This setting is disabled on operating systems that do not support the Windows Firewall (Windows 2000 and below).
Detect IPv6 Addresses If selected, Cerberus FTP Server will attempt to detect any IPv6 addresses that the system has initialized. You can leave this setting disabled if you are not using IPv6.
Bind to Localhost Address If selected, the server will bind to the IPv4 loopback addresses, and (if IPv6 is enabled) the ::1 loopback address.


Controls user login notification settings.

Display taskbar notification window on user login If enabled, Cerberus will display a small notification window on the bottom-right corner of the desktop whenever a user attempts to login to the server.
Check for Updates Controls how often the server will check for updates. Possible values are: Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
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