User Share Settings

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You can use the public shares page (available in the Enterprise edition only) to control and administer user’s public file shares.


User Manager Public Shares Page

Advanced Public Share Settings

Default Public Send SMTP Server This is the default email server used to send public file or folder sharing emails from the HTTPS web client. You can add and remove SMTP servers from the Event Targets page of the Event Manager.
Send Public emails from SMTP server account instead of user email address Normally, Cerberus will use the name and email address on the user’s account as the FROM address when sending emails. When this option is checked, the FROM email name and address configured with the SMTP server is used instead for the FROM address when sending public share emails. This may be required by some SMTP server.
Default Share Duration This is the defaut number of hours that files and folders will be shared for if the user does not specify a time.
Maximum Share Duration This is the maximum duration that a file or folder can be shared for by a user. If the user picks a longer time, the maximum time will be applied instead. Administrators can extend the share duration to any length through the Shares web administration page.
Require Password on Shared Files If checked, public file shares will be required to assign a password to the public share link. The server will reject sending the email if the user tries to include the password in the email body.
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