Web Account Requests

Allowing Users to Request Accounts through the Web

Users can request new accounts through the HTTP/S Web Client in the Enterprise edition of Cerberus FTP Server. A “Request a New Account” link will appear on the login page if the administrator decides to allow web account requests.


HTTP/S Login Page with “Request a New Account” Link

Requesting a New Account

The account request page allows a user to submit a request for a new account to the Cerberus FTP Server system administrator.  The user can set a password for the account (subject to password policy rules) at the time of the account request.  This relieves the administrator from having to set a new password for the user and from having to securely distribute that password.

Event Rules can be enabled on the server to automatically email the administrator whenever a new account request is made.


Web Client Account Request Page

Enabling or Disabling Account Requests

The link can be enabled or disabled for any HTTP or HTTPS listener by selecting that listener in the Interfaces page of the Server Manager.


Web Client Account Request Page

You can also configure reCAPTCHA to display for the account request form to reduce automated form submissions by bots.  reCAPTCHA can be configured for both the login and account request forms through the Interfaces page of the Server Manager.

Approving or Denying Account Requests

Administrators can view pending account requests through both the Account Requests page of the User Manager in the Cerberus GUI, or through the Account Requests administrator web page. Accounts can be approved or denied through either method by selecting an account and using the Approve or Delete button.

Approved accounts are automatically created and activated in the Users page of the User Manager and can be further customized there.


The Cerberus FTP Server Account Request Page of the User Manager

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