Cerberus has grown quickly over the last 5 years, with most of our team joining during that time. Because our growth has been so rapid, we’ve put significant emphasis on how we build our team, and our recognition as being Great Place to Work-Certified is an incredibly rewarding validation of our efforts.  

Because of this, I wanted to talk a little more about our culture and what it means to work at Cerberus.  


Why is Cerberus a Great Place to Work? 

  1. We listen to each other

We’ve always done regular employee surveys to help us plan our benefits, understand how the team is feeling, and identify any concerns that we can address. If a challenge comes up, we listen to the feedback and act to improve. As an example, we hired a number of new team members during the pandemic. Acclimating those new employees to our corporate culture while working remotely was a bit of a challenge, and we relied on employee feedback to bridge that gap and help everyone create a sense of togetherness for our new faces. 


  1. Our values support our team

Grant, our Founder and CEO, truly cares about the Cerberus team and wants to do things the right way, not just make money. This mindset is reflected in our core values: 

  • Be empathetic 
  • Do the right thing 
  • Cultivate excellence 
  • Promote diversity 
  • Find balance and enjoy the ride 

These core values show up every day. Sometimes, they take the form of setting a more modest goal than we could otherwise achieve in order to avoid burnout. Others, it might mean doing the right thing for a customer even if we could charge more for a different solution. It’s tremendously gratifying to work for a company that sincerely lives its core values.  

Grant sees the direct impact of these core values in our culture. “You have to stand for something more than just making money. You need to be excited about coming to work most days. At Cerberus that means taking pride in the work you do and surrounding yourself with an awesome team that feels the same way.” 



  1. We’re a small company with big benefits

Profit is important at Cerberus, but it’s not the only driver. We want people to want to work at Cerberus, and because of that we offer great benefits like extended parental leave, wellness challenges, mental health days, delivery of fun treats and gifts to keep minds off work, and of course competitive compensation, retirement plans and (fully paid) health insurance for our employees. 

One of the most important benefits we offer is profit sharing. Profit sharing makes sure that our team collectively enjoys the fruits of their hard work, and it means that everyone benefits from the success of the company.   

“The suite of benefits that we have at Cerberus is just fantastic. I feel like a valuable employee who is fully supported — and that helps me provide a quality work product. It also helps me be a better manager; I know my team has these benefits, too — and that we’re all part of a company that invests in our collective wellbeing.” – Kris, Customer Operations 


  1. An engaged, diverse team

We have a number of women in leadership roles in the company, and a diverse workforce overall. One of the things that’s most important at Cerberus is that we make sure that all voices are heard, and if you look at the word cloud that the Great Place to Work Survey made from our employees’ feedback, you’ll see the words team, support, and everyone are the largest. 

Speaking for myself, I’ve been incredibly resourced and empowered to pursue a number of initiatives to support the team, and I couldn’t be happier doing so at Cerberus. 


I hope that this post has given you some insight into what working at Cerberus is like. If you’d like to join us, you can review our open positions on our careers page