Cerberus FTP Server comes in three distinct versions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions (check out our feature comparison). Commercial use of any version requires buying a license. A single license entitles a user to install Cerberus FTP Server on one machine. One year of free technical support and free major and minor upgrades are included with each license.


How does licensing work?

After purchasing Cerberus FTP Server, users will be emailed a license code that can be used to turn the trial version of Cerberus FTP Server into a fully licensed and functional Standard, Professional, or Enterprise edition. No new installation is necessary. Each license includes a one year Service Agreement that entitles the purchaser to free upgrades and support for one year from the purchase date. The license code will work with any version of Cerberus released within one year of the purchase date of the license.


Note: The software itself never expires, just the ability to update to the latest version expires. When your included service agreement is over you can purchase a new service agreement if you wish to continue receiving support and updates.


What is a multi-year Service Agreement?

You can also purchase a multi-year service agreement with your new license (this will extend your access to tech support and product updates). We offer two, three, four, and five year options. Licensing is the same; you will be emailed a code that will enable support and updates for the length of the purchased term.


By upgrading to a multi-year Service Agreement at checkout, users get additional years of technical support and upgrades at a substantial discount over an annual renewal.


So long as you are covered under a Service Agreement, there will be no need to request a new license key with the next major release; Cerberus will automatically recognize and allow you to upgrade your installation. If you wish to continue receiving technical support and upgrades after your initial Service Agreement expires you can purchase a renewal of the agreement from Cerberus. You will be emailed a new license key with every Service Agreement renewal and can simply enter the new license key in Cerberus FTP Server to continue your access to technical support and upgrades.


Already a customer? Not sure if you’re covered? Get in touch with us by requesting a renewal quote — we’ll take a look at the account and let you know where things stand.  Renewing is far less expensive than buying new and recommended for all customers.


Virtual Machines

If multiple virtual computers are running on a single computer, each virtual computer will be required to have a distinct, valid license.

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