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For teams who need a reliable, easy to use secure file transfer solution that will grow with their needs.


Buy NowView Cart Professional Edition includes:
  • FTP, SFTP, & FTP/S
  • Unlimited user accounts and connections
  • Native 64-bit application built for Windows
  • Web Administration
  • 9-5 email & phone support

Enterprise Plus

For businesses with advanced data sharing needs, who require mission-critical performance and support.


Buy NowView Cart All Enterprise features, plus:
  • Automated Network Monitoring by JSCAPE
  • 1 free DR, test or development license
  • Rogue transfer detection
  • Upgrade and migration support
  • Performance testing
  • 24/7/365 Severity 1 support

All editions are sold as three-year subscriptions with annual billing

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Licenses and User Management

Max Connections
User Management
Virtual Directories
Virtual directory system allowing the administrator to attach any directory or drive to a user account’s root folder. Learn more
Users & Groups
Manage user accounts and security groups from the native User Manager or by integrating your existing Active Directory or LDAP systems. Learn more
Detailed Logs
Track all client and file activity in near real-time. Learn more
Full IPv6
Support for IPv6 and IPv4 over FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/S. Learn more
Open SSL 3
Cerberus FTP operates on OpenSSL 3, which allows us to provide TLS 1.3 protocol support as well as additional key exchange, cipher, and mac algorithms. Learn more
Non-Production Licenses
DR, Test or Dev License
Professional and Enterprise users may purchase a non-production license at a 50% discount during checkout. Enterprise Plus edition users will receive one non-production license included with each production license subscription. Learn more
Account Management
Active Directory Integration
Configure user accounts and security groups within their AD instance and have these settings replicate throughout Cerberus FTP Server. Learn more
LDAP Integration
Easily integrate Cerberus and LDAP or LDAPS (Secure LDAP) with just a few LDAP connection parameters. Learn more
CRL & CA Support
Check client certificates against master revocation lists, or your own authorized certificate authority lists. Learn more
Client Cert Verification
Require clients to verify themselves using digital certificates for SSL/TLS connections. Learn more
Server Replication
Synch Manager supports multi-server environments to help maintain identical user and setting configurations or provide backup, failover and disaster recovery support. Learn more
Web Account Requests
Enable user self-service for and recovery of account and passwords functions. Learn more
Azure AD SSO Support
Organizations running cloud-based Active Directory (AD) in Azure can use Cerberus FTP Server’s SAML support to enable Single Sign-On (SSO). Learn more

Automation and Security

Cerberus supports FTP transfer where environments permit. Learn more
FTPS provides secure file transfer by first encrypting the client/server connection using SSL or TLS encryption. Learn more
SOAP Control API
Perform remote management through Cerberus's SOAP API for common tasks such as user and group management, connection and server management, public sharing, reporting, and more. Learn more
HTTP/S Web Client
Allow any user on any device to easily connect to your organization’s file server and share files or perform file operations. Learn more
Access Protection
IP Allow/Deny Lists & Auto-Banning
Choose whether to allow or deny access to your server based upon IP address. Learn more
Restrict server access by country of the request’s origin. Learn more
Web Administration
Easily control any Cerberus feature and configuration remotely over the web. Learn more
File Retention Policies
Use Cerberus's Folder Monitor to schedule automatic age-based file deletions. Learn more
Ad Hoc File Sharing
Allow users to share any file or folder and through a unique, time-limited, public link. Learn more
Transfer Security
Cerberus FTP Server supports secure file transfer via SSH2, through the SFTP and SCP protocols. Learn more
Public Key Authentication
Verify that the signature presented by an SFTP client matches the public key associated with that user. Learn more
FIPS 140-2 Cryptography
Cerberus FTP Server meets federal cryptographic requirements with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography up to 256-bit AES encryption over SSL and SSH. Learn more
File Transfer Automation
Event Support
Comprehensive automated file transfer solution that makes managing a high-volume of file transfers easy. Learn more
Email Notification
Cerberus FTP Server's Event Manager allows easy creation of email alerts for any file, access or directory activity. Learn more
Folder Automation Events
Easily create folder-based scheduled tasks that manipulate every file in a folder without needing to know specific file names. Learn more
MFT Automation
Rogue Transfer Detection & Shutdown
Continually scan multiple hosts for any transfer activity outside of known services. Set email alerts for any rogue transfer attempts and shut down attempted breaches before they start. Learn more
Out-of-the-Box Performance Testing
Check the health of your file transfer environment on a manual or automated basis via load testing. Identify and resolve potential stress points in file transfer before they affect live operations. Learn more
Automated Network Scanning
Easily configure automated network health checks in order to evaluate critical areas of your MFT Server and Gateway. Learn more

Reporting and Support

Advanced Stats & Reporting
View detailed file transfer audit trails for all client, file, and administrator activity based on user names, date ranges, or file access. Learn more
Phone & Email
All Cerberus FTP Server editions include phone and email support from our award-winning U.S.-based support team.
24/7/365 Severity 1 Support
Cerberus FTP Server's Enterprise Plus edition includes 24/7/365 Severity 1 Support at no additional charge.
Remote Support
Remote support sessions are available for all Enterprise Plus edition licenses.
Upgrade Planning & Assistance
We are happy to provide upgrade planning services to organizations seeking to transition from a prior version of Cerberus to the latest version.
Migration Support for JSCAPE MFT
If your file needs grow, we are happy to provide migration assistance to our sister platform, JSCAPE MFT.

Pricing FAQs

How do I activate my license?
  1. After your purchase, check your email for your license code
  2. Enter your license code via these steps to turn the trial version of Cerberus FTP Server into a fully licensed version of your purchased edition (no new installation is necessary).
Do all editions include support? Are there any limitations?

Yes! Each edition’s subscription license includes support for the duration of your subscription:

Additional support needs can be discussed by contacting our sales team.

Is Cerberus FTP Server a SaaS License?

Yes, Cerberus FTP Server requires an annual subscription license renewal. Our licenses however are per server and do not require additional purchases to add additional connections or users.

How Does Licensing Work for Virtual Machines?

If multiple virtual computers are running on a single computer, we require each virtual computer to have a distinct, valid license.

Can I Upgrade to a Different Edition?

Yes! To upgrade to a higher edition, visit this page. For upgrades, you will not need to request a new license key.

How Do I Renew My License?
  • For existing subscriptions, you’ll receive a notification about 30 days before expiration with information on your renewal. It is important to renew before expiration to avoid disrupting your access to Cerberus. Once you’ve completed the purchase, a new license key will be emailed to extend the subscription term.
  • For legacy perpetual licenses with a current support contract (purchased before April 10, 2023), you’ll receive a notification about 30 days before expiration with information on your renewal into our subscription offering. If you allow your legacy perpetual license to expire, you’ll lose access to product updates and technical support.
  • For perpetual licenses with an expired support contract (purchased before April 10, 2023), You can renew your expired perpetual license into a Cerberus FTP Server subscription anytime. If you already have access to a renewal link, please use this to transact your renewal. If you do not have a link or need a quote for renewal, please send us a quote request, and we will walk you through the renewal process.
For additional renewal questions, please contact our customer operations team.
Will Cerberus FTP Server Stop Working if I Don't Renew My Subscription?

Yes. If you are on a subscription product and do not renew the subscription before the end of your license key expiration, you will lose access to Cerberus FTP Server.

Where Can I Find Your License Agreement?
Who Can I Contact with Questions?

For new or renewal subscription questions, please contact our sales team.

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