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Cerberus FTP Server

Environment Support

Fully optimized for Windows Server, Cerberus FTP Server also supports cloud and hybrid computing environments.

Environment Features

Full IPv6 Support

What are the Advantages of an On-Premise Windows File Transfer Server?

While cloud file sharing certainly has its place, an on-premise Windows file transfer server offers the greatest control over your data, system configuration, and resource consumption. A few advantages of this configuration include:

  • Minimal Security Footprint: ports, server roles and features can all be tightly controlled and defined to minimize your attack surface
  • Lean Operational Requirements: you have full control over your file transfer server’s memory usage, file system, and resource management with an on-premise Windows server

You can learn more about optimizing Windows server for SFTP in this blog post.

What are Cerberus FTP Server’s System Requirements?

Hardware Requirements

  • 1GHz x64 processor (2 GHz or better recommended)
  • 8 GB or higher is strongly recommended
  • WXGA (1280 x 768) or higher-resolution monitor

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 and R2


  • The latest Service Packs for your operating system and at least IE 9 or above are required in all cases.
  • Version 12.0 and higher can only be installed on 64-bit operating systems and uses the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime instead of IE.

For more information, review our “Getting Started” walkthrough.

Cerberus FTP Server Environment Features

Windows Server Optimization

Hyper-V and ESXi Support

Cerberus FTP Server Server Manager Screen

CIDR Support

Full UI access in Windows Service mode

Full Feature List

Cerberus FTP Server HIPAA Compliance Icon



Transfer Security

SSH, SSL, FIPS 140-2

MFT Automation

Event, Alert & Sync Tools

Cerberus FTP Server Automated File Transfer Event Manager Icon


Windows Server, Cloud & Virtual

Access Protection

IP, User & Protocol Restriction Tools

Account Management

AD, LDAP, 2FA & More

Auditing and Reporting

File Access, User and Admin Logging

Cerberus FTP Server Automated File Transfer Event Manager Icon

Administration Tools

API, Sync Manager, & Other Tools

Cerberus FTP Server Editions


  • FTP/S Server
  • SOAP control API
  • IP auto-banning
  • User groups
  • Web administration
  • Virtual directories

$499 | 1 Yr Maintenance

View Standard


  • SFTP server 
  • AD/LDAP integration
  • FIPS-140-2
  • Public key authentication
  • Client certificate verification
  • Server replication

$899 | 1 Yr Maintenance

View Professional

Cerberus FTP Server Five Star CNET Reviews


  • MFT server
  • HTTPS web client
  • Event automation
  • Email alerts
  • File retention policies
  • Ad-hoc sharing

$2,199 | 1 Yr Maintenance

View Enterprise

Cerberus FTP Server 5 Star G2 Reviews

Raved and Reviewed


Here’s what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say about Cerberus FTP Server.

“Our users have found Cerberus to be straightforward.  We have handled many service tickets over the past three years, and Cerberus has had the least number of issues, by far.”

James Fayson

IT Service Owner, PACE, OASIS, Duke Health Technology Solutions

“We’ve been using Cerberus for at least five years, and it’s been awesome. Everything’s been very simple and easy, and we haven’t come across any limitations. It always just seems to work.”

Jake Cloward

Support Manager, Companion Corporation

“It’s not designed to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to be managed. I can hire someone new and they can be up to speed in minutes. Everyone on the team loves it.”

Tim Klein

Systems Administrator, Netalytics/Methasoft

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